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Basically, my ex and I split back in April. We were both angry at the time and out of sheer temper, ended our relationship.

Anyway, he got very resentful towards me. He was so angry and cold with me and basically told me that he didn't want to talk to me and didn't see how we could even have a friendship anymore.

So I respected this. I was angry with him too, but I deleted and blocked him off of Facebook. I deleted his number so there was no way I could be tempted to text him again.

he's a manager in our local superstore and the only way I would ever see him would be if I was doing my shopping there. When the breakup was fresh, we wouldn't even make eye contact or say hi. We'd just act as if we didn't see each other.

Over the past few months, he's been trying to make eye contact with me again. Although I kept ignoring it. And over the past three weeks, he's said hi and been trying to speak to me again.

Since then, he's been joking around and messing about with me when I've been in shopping. He's been warm and kind, smiling a lot. Asking how I've been, what I've been up to. Winding me up... just all of the things we used to do when we were a couple really.

I'm pleasantly surprised with the fact he's decided to talk to me now. All I'm having a problem with is figuring out whether he's trying to be a friend to me, or whether he's realised he still loves me.

What do you guys reckon?


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  • I doubt he is only interested in being just friends, but I also don't think he is ready to feel love yet either. I think he is trying to be decent with you and repair the damage that was done. Personally, I don't recommend to be just friends with ex's, so if you have no desire to date him again, you should just ignore his advancements. If you are interested or open to the idea of restarting your relationship, then I would at least extend the olive branch too.

    • Well, I am still interested. Even if it meant being friends for a while first. Just the way he's talking to me, it's like it was yesterday the way we go on. I'll say something and he'll respond with 'I know...' Or 'I told you about that...' And I just feel when I'm looking at him as if I love him more than ever. And I can't help but feel he's feeling something for me too. I could be wrong though.

    • Well, give it a chance!

    • I'll try, just scared of disappointment I guess!

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  • Talk to him. I mean he's already trying to be nice again. I think you should give him another chance if he still wants to go back to you

    • I have been when I've saw him in the shop. But, I can't tell if this is him just being civil or if he's wanting to start being friends again. So I'm unsure of whether to unblock him on Facebook or not.

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    • You're welcome. Glad I helped :)

    • Thanks :)

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