Girl flaked before first date, not reaching out since, what to do?

So I've met this girl some time ago on Tinder. We hit it off, exchanged details and went from there. We've never met yet personally, school and other stuff got in the way for me. Her cousin works at a party venue at my college that I usually attend, and she's asked me quite a few times if I'm going there, over a course of 2 months. On one occasion I told her I'm not going, and she said that I have to come, she's waited months for this meetup, hinting that she wants to see me badly. Judging from her grammar she was probably a little tipsy.

Next party we were both free, and were both going to the party, but she had stuff come up and couldn't come. She jokingly said that if I ever want to see her, I probably have to resort to inviting her out to somewhere, strongly hinting that she wants to go out with me. I took the opportunity and set up a proper date the following week with her, since I think that a party is not really the ideal place to meet up for a first date. Anyways, I wasn't too available, didn't free my schedule for her, and did an overall good job on setting up the date I think.

Here comes the twist though, 5 hours before the date she texted me that she may not be able to come, she have to travel back to her hometown (~ 2 hours away and 2 back via train, so I think it was a valid excuse) to get something done (sounded like paperwork or something from what she said). I casually texted back with an "oh really? that's a shame..." which she hasn't "seen" yet, she didn't open that message. This was 5 days ago, she hasn't reached out to me since. She's still active on social media, she's liked a few of my posts even.

What do you guys and girls suggest? I don't wanna come off as too needy or desperate. Should I hit her up and try setting up a date again?


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  • I would try and reschedule... Maybe ask her if everything is OK or something. Maybe something happened. It maybe she chickened out. .


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  • Just walk away. You don't need that crap.

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