I won't stay friends with anyone who turns me down because I won't watch someone I want to be with be with someone else. Is this wrong?

It's the same situation, it seems, every time I get close to a girl. She and I get close and feelings develop. I always get turned down in the end. The girls always want me to stay around. I can't just turn my feelings off and be fine. It doesn't work that way. I'm not a bad guy. I have a job and I'm a successful college student. But my refusal to sit there and watch some other guy date someone I want to be with is starting to cost me because now I'm being thought of as the bad guy. I can't take the confidence hit anymore and having to be around these people and not feel hurt and upset is very hard. I have lately removed most of these girls from my life or greatly reduced my dealings with them. I feel like if the tables were turned and I turned them down, it wouldn't even be a talking point, they'd leave. I wish I could fix this problem I have with never being given a chance, that's another question I suppose. I just need to know if people think it's okay to just drop people if they turn you down? Or would you stay around and watch someone you want be with someone else?


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  • I don't think it's okay to just "drop them"
    If they were truly ever your friend you'd still value having them in your life.

    Wanting to distance yourself for a while or in general while they date is fine but just saying f* them because they rejected you

    "Not cool"


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