What to do when you both have mixed feelings?

This guy and I been friends for over two years. We recently got a little more closer in the beginning of the year. I felt comfortable and trust him. He then told me he love me and it kinda made me nervous because I always was afraid to love a guy because I was scared of getting hurt. I eventually fell in love with him, and I then shared I was a virgin. He said I was rare and very special and said jokingly that when we decide to have sex he's going to get me pregnantšŸ˜•

He lost his income and got into a depress stats of mind. I felt so connected to him and prior to him losing his income we were working into a committed relationship. Now he tells me that he wants to be friends for now, and how I shouldn't want to be with someone who don't have their shit together and how our bond and energy is good and how he feels like if we get into a relationship it'll mess things up because it happened to him before. I was upset, we'll still upset and some days I have mix feelings where I think about him crazy wanting to be around him, and then some days I think why bother anymore. It's like I been in his corner supporting him during this tough time and it's like do he even notice. I get it he's not where he wants to be in his life so getting into a relationship wouldn't be a good idea, but I just want some time of validation that we're something more than just friends. Am I wrong? What should I do?


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  • Don't do anything until it gets cleared up

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