Give me your best advice.. lol?

So I asked a guy on a date and he said no, because he doesn't want a relationship right now. It could be that or it could be that the guy just was like "bitch nah I don't like you." Well anyways, he goes on saying that going on a date means dating, which under my terms , you're not committed to get into a relationship after a date even if it went well. So I say okay let's go as friends, he said well are you gonna invite (insert all of my coworkers names).. and then comes back to say maybe now you should ask me to Netflix and chill. I don't usually ask a guy out and it took a lot to do it. It hurt a lot to be made fun of and then later being asked to forgive them. I don't talk to them but should I confront him or keep up with the passive aggressive shit.


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  • I think he was just being honest with you, I am sure his answer would have hurt you though. However I think he is one of those who wants you to take all the effort in doing things. I mean you both aren't even in a relationship, you both haven't even dated still, but it seems like he wants you to do everything.

    Are you okay with this kind of a guy?

    • Not really. If that's how it's gonna be the whole time I rather just move on.

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  • Don't do anything. He sounds like an asshole to me anyway. I don't think he's interested. You should find someone else.


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  • *A Wild Jackass has appeared* Seems like this is exactly what you encountered.
    Everyone eventually runs into them, Nothing to get you down, There's lots of guys out there who'd appreciate you being upfront to them.
    It may have been your first trying it but don't let it stop you.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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