I'm too shy to talk to a girl in person about a possible relationship, and my dating site msgs are never replied to. What do I do?

I've been able to do no more than practice fighting my shyness, which seems to take years for any noticeable difference.

Because of med reasons, I'm rarely anywhere but home aside from church, giving me little time to try to practice. I'm still trying to talk to people, but I'm always afraid I'd be interrupting what they where doing.
This is especially hard for groups of people, and everyone in church is always in a group and in a loud room. I can rarely hear what they're talking about, plus I'm afraid I'd accidentally yell and/or, again, be interrupting.
If someone comes to me, everything's fine.


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  • Keep trying and maybe change your attitude a little.


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  • Grow a fucking spine, that's your only option -- unless you're ok with dying as a lonely virgin.