So I have a bad self image & in turn poor dating/flirting skills. Any tips?

Question kind of sums it up. I don't think of myself as an "attractive person" albiet I know I'm not bad either. I mean I'm at target weight for my height (little under if anything) and I'm relativly successful. I'm not muscular and I don't have any outstanding attributes that I'm aware of. But I am incredibly shy and therefore my capacity to approach/flirt with women is quite limited. I just get really nervous/awkard and overly polite. Any ideas on how to work around this?


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  • Well try to be your self first. In my case I find a attractive when a guy is himself and you can have a real converstion with. Try to be more friendly and talk about the things you might think that person has in common with you. For example if you are talking to a women and you se her wear a gun's and rose's t-shirt ask her " so what your fave gun's and roses song?" that will say to her you are interested but not looking only to have sex. As women we hate when men try just hit on us for that , it's that a big turn off. So when you trying talking to a women try looking for things that meaybe of her interests, most women like men that they can have a nice conversation. I hope it helped.


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