Literally "forbidden" crush. What should I do?

So there is this guy that I'm totally falling for, and I'm pretty sure that he is too, but there is a huge problem. We are in this music group together and our director has told the group that we are not allowed to date within the group because it could lead to drama, and bad group dynamics. There is already a secret couple, but I think they are a bad idea because I know that they won't last. What should I do?



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  • Uhh, what kind of music group thinks they can tell you who to date? That is really stupid, imao. Do it anyway, and don't hide it. I've got to hear some more about this group, that's amazing

    • A professional group... Yeah, it's stupid, but it makes a little sense, things happened in the past that made the rule be put in place

    • I understand the logic behind it, but that is overstepping the boundaries of your music group and becoming a music cult. I would leave that group...

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  • That sounds completely weird. Who are they to dictate who you should or you should not date?


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  • I don't encourage bandcest but since the director told you not to do it just fuck everybody in the group since that technically isn't dating


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