If no girls are interested in me and hitting me up am I doing something wrong?

Ex broke up with me 9 months ago. I've had one date since. No women seem to ever go out of there way to get my attention at all. No messages on social media. Nothing. I don't really have a big social life so I guess that's it? Or am I just really ugly?

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  • You gotta make moves. If you got 1 girlfriend u can get another. U just need to out yourself out there and talk to women.

    • I feel like the only time i've ever gotten sex or a date is if the girl goes out of her way to get my attention. Then I know she's interested and the rest just flows with good vibes.

    • Girls can be subtle. So if you notice a girl making eye contact with you and smiling it's a green light for u to talk to her

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  • That's not a common thing to have girls message you because they are interested unless you are stunningly handsome and even then some girls will not message unfortunately in our society the man is the chaser and the woman is the chased I don't chase a girl until I know I like her I personally feel like I'm wasting my time if its just based on physical attraction and not something more like curiosity interest chemistry similar likes


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  • Neither, us females are just really shy. You're probably great. Answer mine? The title is "literally "forbidden" crush...". Same category


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