Asked her out but not interested anymore. Am I being rude to her?

So I met this girl, lets call her Annette about 2 weeks ago and I added her on facebook. My friend, Jenny, introduced me to her. I was initially into Jenny, then I became interested in Annette.

So after I added her on facebook, I started flirting with her. And then I asked her out for dinner (more as friends, I guess) and then she said she was busy for the whole of last week (unlikely, but it was alright since I had an exam). So, I said, we should go out next week (which is this week). We texted quite frequently until last Tuesday, when I started to become more focused on my exam.

So after my exam, I lost interest in Annette. Now I feel bad for flirting with her and getting her (possibly) interested. Should I at least go out with her once since I asked her out in the first place? Or is this unnecessary? Would she still be waiting for my text to ask her to dinner again?

She has never initiated anything with me yet. Maybe she's not interested in me, and I'm making a big deal out of it? But I just feel that I may be acting a bit rude since I asked her out in the first place and now I'm ignoring it as if it never happened.

So should I text her and go out as friends? Or should I just leave it and act as if I never asked her out?



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  • If your not keen just leave it, if she's dead set keen she will instigate the dinner again... Maybe stop the chase and be chased, see if she's worth it

  • Why go to dinner? Just have coffee with her and see how she is. She might surprise you.

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