Can a friends with benefits relationship turn into a actual relationship after a few years of casual hookups?

I'm interested in this guy who I've had a casual relationship on and off for a few years. His told me he loves me one time over the phone and that he wants to get me know me abit more before we get into a relationship but nothing has happened, we've just been on and off. It feels like I'm stuck and this guy is giving me signals or he's playing with my head I'm not sure. Recently i blocked him on fb and about a week ago unblocked and he sent me a friend request and poked me on fb. After that we were msging eachother and i saw him all he was interested in was hooking up, and then left when I wouldn't give him sex. Fml. What do I do?


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  • It can but it's unlikely. The fact that he left when he didn't get sex is a red flag, and also that he seems to be all talk but no action. I think you're better off finding someone else.


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  • Sounds like a righteous prick if you ask me. Someone who wants more from you will not turn tail and leave when he isn't able to have his way with you. I think you had the right idea when ya blocked him

  • Take the initiative woman! Why are you waiting for him? Just ask him out on a proper date, get the ball rolling or figure he isn't that keen and move on.

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