Guys, Why is he acting like this?

3 months ago a guy from tinder and I started talking. Since then we have spoken everyday. He messages me every morning saying good morning then we talk throughout the day. Some more than others depending on what we have on. I have him on all social media and we had spoken on the phone. From the first few days he told me he's really shy and nervous guy and gets quite anxious. It took us ages to finally meet each other and when we did it was at a bar and even with a few drinks in him I could see how incredibley nervous he is and he kept saying how he felt like he's batting above his average and doesn't understand why I'm interested. I understand his nerves so I thought maybe it we have a proper date of dinner and a movie he can get comfortable and see how I am without alcohol. So 2 weeks after the bar date we did that and at first he was very nervous but was completely fine by the end and we shared a lovely kiss as we said goodnight. Again we have spoken every single day and there has been mention of us going on another date but plans sort of clashed. It's been 3 weeks since then and last week he pretty much asked me out through text and said how he likes me and thinks I'm incredible and wants to be with me and I asked what he meant and he said he wants to date me. I told him that was a conversation that needed to be had in person. It's my birthday on Monday and we sort of made plans to see each other Sunday but he keeps sort of avoiding it and not giving me a definate answer. I don't understand why this is happening? I thought after he had met me the nerves would go away
whenever I try bring it up he gets upset and says he likes me to much and does want to see me he's just busy.
Opinions please :(

Just to add as well he deleted tinder about a month and a half ago
I still have it though


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  • The nerves take time to settle, expecially when there is a strong physical attraction. for a guy with low self esteem, talking to and dating a girl thats perfect in their eyes is like seeing a unicorn. he may be too afraid to talk about it in person out of fear of rejection. because it is a surreal feeling when a girl you find absolutely dropdead gorgeous shows interest lol