Yesterday I asked if a little jealousy was good for a relationship. Why was there such a bipartisan agreement on yes/no?

All male answers were a resounding no and females a resounding yes, which really is a lot different than I expected. why do you think this is?


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  • because girls see no way to not be yealous?
    i know some will be at my throat for this, but it seems to me it's mostly girls being yealous and crazy.

    So guys say "no" because they don't feel that yealousy and don't see it as positive, and girls say "yes" because they don't see a way to not be yealous?

    I KNOW i'll get a lot of flak for this (i suspect especially the oposite sex won't like it), but it's my observation. I could be wrong


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  • Jealousy in women are by nature I believe.

    Some learns to work on it I guess.


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  • men generally do not want to feel jealousy at all. It is a alpha mentality of what is mine is mine. another male showing interest is an uneasy feeling of needing to protect rather than just being relaxed , settled, and secure.

    Some women like to keep interests afloat for all to see. even tho their mind is set on their man they like to feel wanted and noticed. Jealousy keeps a man from getting too comfortable to keep feeding her desires.


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