Feeling like I've made a mistake by letting the man I love know that I love him?

I am a 35 yr old woman and I been seeing a 40 yr old man for the past 5 months. I use the term "seeing" because we are not exclusive / not in a commited relationship. We both share the same interests in not getting into a commited relationship until we have takin the time to see if we are compatible and develope a strong friendship first. Well about a 6 weeks ago I began noticing changes in feeli ngs I have for him. A much deeper level then just the kind of love you have for a loyal friend. After observation of these new feelings and a bit of denial I learned that they were not going away. So i finally spoke to him about this 2 days ago. I let him know that it was very hard for me to tell him how I was feeling. Simply bc the words I love u are not used very frequent with me in my past. There is only one other man I was in love with. And i often found myself in relationships in past where the man would say I love u all the time but i am not one to through around that phrase so loosely like how was ur day. I also let him know that i didn't want him to feel preasured into getting into commited relationship with me after i told him I loved him. he's response: he was very appreciative of me being so honest and realizes me telling him something like this can make someone very vulnerable. He then proceeded to tell me how he feels about me how he appreciates me and our friendship and all i fo for him. He says he sees a great possibility that he would like to be ina commited relationship soon. He sees his feelings and interest growing stronger for me and says that he beleives he is "close to love" and he "more then just likes me very much so"
Ever since i told him i love him 2 days ago our conversations seem to be very dry. Where normally we are very deep in conversation about anything and everything in life. I know I am probably just nervous from telling him that I love him... but my question: is it normal for him to act different after I've told him this. He is contac


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  • Maybe he is being like this because he doesn't want a relationship:( :/


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  • I'm going to be blunt here.
    You are basically a free prostitute/good friend in his eyes.
    You put a casual label on it, but what's the difference between this and a regular client with his hooker? Except you aren't getting your rent paid for it, you are just getting heartbreak.

    Make yourself valuable and drop this guy for one who sees you as priceless and will do anything for YOUR love. There are plenty of exceptions out there, I don't see why you need to settle loving a good man but one that is like so many without any standards for the women he has.