Why do people assume that guys that are ripped and shredded happy people?

I'm shredded and ripped but it has consumed my life. I don't have much of a social life.. no I'm not getting laid all the time. I tan and have learned how to maniupluate my body into looking muscular and athletic. That is all lol. If you guys have aspirations to get shredded or ripped thinking it will make you happy it will not. Still need personality gainz.

I'm not saying I'm miserable I'm just letting guys know things aren't going to magically change after this happens. Take it from someone who has been bodybuilding and competing for the past four years lol


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  • That's how people make themselves look, that's how the media make being super fit and ripped out to be like as if it will fx all your problems, that it's a "positive" thing... but really it's not... it's just being someone others pressured you into, there are a lot of things the media say that aren't true at all but people are stupid enough to believe it... i don't believe any of it... i don't even fancy most guys these days because they seriously think even me... the plane jane who doesn't give a shit... would find a pansy like that attractive... urgh... i'm grossed out lol and they think all girls like JLS... i barf at today's music in general lol i certainly don't like male fashions... who do thy think they are? JLS themselves? lol. I get guys like this coming up to me all the time and they are SO up their own ass... then they get mad when i reject them, they are like "do you like what you see?" like all girls fancy the same type of guy... indeed it won't make anyone happy.

    All the girls are doing the same... thinking all men like Beyonce or Megan Fox... they are so so stupid... not all guys fancy the same people ether... but people are just very narrow minded these days... they are very impressionable and will believe anything lol.

    • It's true. I can't stand the fck boys who claim "aesthetics" and look like they bleach their buttholes.

    • Haha i have no interest whatsoever... won't even give them a second thought... their minds don't belong to them and i like intellegent and capable men who knows it's important to love himself and to not try and make me be someone i'm not, who loves me for exactly who i am :) one of my favorite movies is Bridget Jones but i definitely would never go for Daniel Cleaver or a Marc Darsy, both pansies lol, i'm losing no sleep over them, however they do make it totally hard to find a guy who is even slightly decent which isn't fair... not that boys is my top priority at the moment... but one day it would be nice walking amongst people who's minds belong to themseves and they are stable enough in themselves to make their own choices and be who they want to.

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  • the people who make that assumption have been brainwashed by society and media.


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  • rip better luck next time

  • I'm sorry to hear that you aren't happy *hugs*

    It's a false ideal spread around generally that good looks will make you happy; when really they're just a small part :/


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  • That's the inevitable truth of looking good. By the time you've looked good enough to get people's attention, you don't really have time for them anymore.

    Thinking on it, what you said kinda clicked something on in my head. I know this guy, Tanner, who's ripped as all hell. We called him Spartan. The guy was super-fit, and we looked to him for advice on how to work out efficiently, and he'd be there coaching you. He was good at it.
    The problem is, he didn't really know how to interact with people; women specifically. Acting like a man was easy for him. How to bond with a woman? That was something he needed help with. He was friendly and fairly smart, but he definitely matches the issue that you describe.

    I guess when you devote your life to physical perfection, you don't really have a chance to learn all the other ways to better yourself. It's kinda disappointing, when you consider THAT'S how everyone wants to look. And it's near impossible to be that and still have time to be you. Like everyone's chasing a dream.

    • Tanner sounds like me lol

  • Personalitu gainz... That shiz is hard bro...

    I've always wanted to be ripped and shredded and I'm working on it now.

    I don't think you should rely on getting ripped and shredded to get you somewhere in life. It shouldn't be a primary life propelling mechanism.

    It's maybe something that can assist you, get a better advantage. For example let's say your life is about bein a famous musician. Your music and education will be your primary focus, getting ripped and shredded will only help with being attractive which will attract a lot of eyes.

    You have to first have something that girls/people will look up to, then have a physique accompany such things.

  • Guys don't assume that because they know what it takes to get like that. I used to be in brilliant shape but then I got injured and discovered the joys of eating what you want and chillin instead of hitting the gym, I never returned after the injury got better. I think as long as you're fit that's all that matters, life is too short to be all about gainz and sixpacks and the sacrifices you have to make for them.

    • I mean it's not even that. I prefer to eat healthy but it does consume the majority of your life when you are counting your macros daily. I'm 22 and have no real skills besides gainz lol

  • Is it true about having a small package that try to make up for? That would affect your love life too, just saying, but it is interesting hearing your prospective on this, didn't realize it took so much out of life that you can't enjoy other parts

    • I'm not small I mean probably merely average I think 6 inches or a little above. Nah that is not true for the most party. Almost all my competitions I've seen most of the guys in their posing trunks are well hung. It's impossible not to notice when you wear posing trunks lol. No homo

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    • Hey I drive a big truck! 😊 But I'm average too, lol. This reminds me of this post I saw earlier about this girl being a size queen , only prefers guys with big junk she said

    • lol.

  • Because those people fit the mold, but that's just a small part of life even if a large chunk of time is dedicated to looking that way. It's dumb.

    • Well I'd have to disagree. Most people that have experienced a real pump in their life at the gym talk this way. It is quite pleasurable and when you reach 9-5 life it is sort of like an escape.