How do you learn to just be happy alone?

Im 19 and i just have way to much going on. I gotta get a place to stay, get a vehicle, and go to school. And ik ima have to do this by myself with no one in my corner so i just want to know how do i be happy single cause i think about women a lot i really feel like i need one but ik i just want one badly if you can help thanks.


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  • It's natural to want someone to be part of your life. I'm single and very happy, but that's because i have been in very unhappy relationships. So being in a relationship made me feel more unhappy and lonely than being single.

    Saying that, i would still love to meet a guy to share my life with. Try to just focus on your life as it is and eventually you will meet someone. I've learned to never place my happiness in someone elses hands because once they've gone.. so is your happiness.

    People come into your life when your just focus on your life right now, you will find a girl in the least expected place , at a time when you least expect it.



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  • You don't. You keep trying.

    • I stopped trying its a waste of time what women wants a guy who can't dress good no car no place to stay no family like get real a female wants a man not a homeless little boy

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  • I suppose work on becoming the best version of yourself and achieving your goals - like you are doing. It sounds tough to have all that going on, you must be a strong person to be taking it all on by yourself.

    Don't give up, your life may be too hectic to think about dating right now, but you will fall in love one day. You deserve to have someone who loves you and will give you affection and support <3

    Hang in there man *hugs*


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