Did I do something wrong to make this guy stop talking to me? Or am I overthinking this?

I saw this dude at my campus who I was attracted to.. And he would always stare at me, so I found him on fb, and shot him a message. On Friday I introduced myself to him in person, he was very receptive and friendly... He even hugged me, then apologized because he said he was sick. He was busy that night as was I, but he said "we should definitely have coffee this weekend" and later that night he messaged me first and we conversed a little. Then Saturday he messaged early and since I was working it took me a few hours to respond. Then later he said he couldn't do coffee this weekend because he was super super sick, and apologized. I believe him.. I'm super sick too so honestly I would have suggested a different date too. But he never rescheduled or offered another day. I didn't see his message right away, and thought he never responded.. So the next morning I woke up and realized I just hadn't seen his response at 9pm. I felt bad because he was really talkative then and I wish I would have seen the message. I responded that morning, but then he never responded back (which was on sunday) He didn't message me yesterday or today yet... I know he only can by his computer for messaging and he could be busy and sick.. but still.. I'm just a little scared he's blowing me off and not interested. Or I did something? did not responding right away turn him off or something?


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  • You are overthinking it. Just as you didn't see his message right away, assume the same if him. He's probably busy. I'm sure he'll touch base with you soon.

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