Guys, Commitment issues?

What are some reasons you developed them? What is it exactly to have commitment issues?


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  • For me, it's that I've been on my own for so long. In the time between college and the last year or so, I didn't really have much regular interaction with women, in addition to having problems with confidence and self-esteem. I don't know, I guess the biggest thing is that I'd also been building up this idea of what I want in a woman and from a relationship that I haven't allowed myself to get to know her on a deeper level, especially if there was some physical or personality trait that's different that what I'd hoped for.


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  • Used to have no problem dropping everything I'm doing for her. Now that I'm older, the idea of sacrificing my time, money and life for someone who might betray me is terrifying.

    I know exactly how trusting someone can ruin you. It took me six relationships to learn.

    Now I have the problem of being attracted to women, but not feeling comfortable actually dating them.

    What if I find out I don't want them after I get to know them? Do I force myself to want them? Do I crush their hearts for my own selfish beliefs?

    It's not really fear of being rejected that keeps me from pursuing women. It's fear of... well... commitment. What if I spend everything I have for the relationship and it all ends up a waste?

    • As a side note, money isn't much of an issue for me. That's something that comes and goes.

      But time is a big deal. I am very self-conscious of what people think about me. If I'm worried she's not happy, I'll do everything I can to fix that. And I just don't have time in my life to manage that.

      I guess I typically assume the worst and hope for the best. Like I'm already assuming why the relationship will fail, before it even starts.


  • I really don't think she is on par with me.

    • Explain?

    • basically, I don't believe it when she says she is ready to take things further, seriously in terms of commitment to one another.

  • i don't think men have commitment issues. i think their is now just a huge lack of women worth committing to.