How to get over a new crush. I know I sound way too negative, but I don't stand a chance?

Hi all
I seem to be crushing on the new guy in my med school group and we also have to do a project together (Ok, I kind of chose him), so yeah we kind of have to get closer, like talking about the project and meeting up (hope he doesn't ditch all the work lol. Our teacher has great expectations out of theme for our project).

But I know I don't have a single chance with him and I don't see any signs of him liking me back. (Unless you count fb likes or the fact that he responds to my messages, which I don't think they count)

So what should I do? Do I just wait it out?


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  • Just give subtle hints you like him, but not anything major, and see how he reacts to it. If he gives you the feeling he likes you too, then carry on. But if not, then just focus on your work to keep your mind off him.

    • Well it's kind of hard to focus on work when we will have to work together haha :P

      I don't even know what hints to give him (I am also shy).. i mean, isn't the fact that I initiated the conversations like 2 or 3 times, smile at him etc enough?
      I even asked him if he wants to go out one day to talk about our project and other things

      I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me appearance wise (he's kind of well out of my league and even a few girls we study with like him and they're way prettier so..). At least let's hope we make a great project lol
      Thank you for the opinion :)

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    • You can lose weight if that's what you want. Just be confident with who you are. And don't worry lol I wasn't gonna say anything, cause everyone has different opinions on attractiveness. What one may find good looking, another won't. So I'm sure regardless what you think of yourself, that you will find someone else. And no problem

    • Yeah, I know. Already lost a few pounds :) and still going
      Thank you very much

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  • I feel your struggle. I always end up crushing on persons that are way out of my league or persons I will probably never meet in my life. I usually just wait it out,(although my first crush lasted about 6 years) and preoccupy my mind with other activities. I also stay as far away as possible from the person I’m crushing on, and this can either be a good thing or a bad one. It’s a good thing if he’s a nice person (that will only make you fall harder for him) and bad thing if he’s a rude one ( he will break your heart, but at least you will be able to move on)

    • Well I definitely can't stay far since we're in the same group and we have a project together. Haha

      It sucks to know I don't have a chance :(
      And even more, some girls from my group and the other one we're studying with, like him. And they're prettier (though my friends, mom , neighbor and cousin (all close friends so I had to tell them my suffering haha) don't agree and they say I should have more confidence. Lol)

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    • I keep telling them to stop lying and they yell at me saying they're not lying and that I should just be confident lol

    • Well, then just agree with that they say, and just do things/think your way.

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  • Yeah.. just wait.. don't chase him tho.. lol..

    • Not chasing him haha. Though we do have a project to do together

    • Play it cool... 😊 don't think he is too good.. there is no such thing.

    • Haha I know! It's just that I'm so infatuated with him, he seems perfect. Which I doubt he is lol