My boyfriend has trouble maintaining eye contact?

How do I help him?


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  • Does it matter so much?

    • Yes we need to look into each other's eyes.

    • Thoughts:
      1. He may feel just awkward
      2. may men were raised to believe staring at someone else was a "Challenge" to a fight. How was his relationship to his dad?

    • It's funny you go to his relationship with his Dad because yeah that's where his insecurity comes from. His Dad raised him to be a great man, and a great man he is.

      He's just too hard on himself because his Dad accepts nothing but greatness on most things. Where as I know he is great already and every imperfection just makes him better.

      I also think that women who weren't right for him tore him down where as I want to build him up.

      When we maintain eye contact it is amazing.

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