Was she hinting at me? Please Answer?

I'm a guy, I'm 16 a junior in high school. There's this girl Crystal in my civics class and study hall once a week. We started talking just three weeks ago on Saturday. I really like her. I just want to set the tone now, I've never had a girlfriend and have been rejected twice. I also used to be in a depression because I felt so alone and worthless. It only got worse, I quickly began to hate myself to the point where I was taking the blade out of my razor and leaving my sheets covered in blood every night and thought very hard about ending my life. But I finally stopped cutting in the middle of last summer. I hide everything behind a straight face, and all my scars have completely healed. I really like Crystal and I asked her if she's going to the prom in spring and she told me she might go but isn't sure who she'll go with. And a few days ago I said "you are beautiful" to her in Spanish, (she's from DR and she likes it when people talk to her in Spanish) and she said "awww, thank you so much". And the next day when we were taking in study hall she smiled at me a lot, she has a gorgeous smile. Anyways, does she seem to like me at all? Was she hinting me to ask her to the prom?


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  • I don't know, it's too soon to know for sure. And I don't think it's a good idea to use her name. Lol.


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  • Possibly. Just ask her. The worst that can happen is she'll say no. But at least you'll know.


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