Guys, Is he not interested?

I'm messaging a guy I like but he's friends with my ex. I put my myself out there and asked him if he wants to meet up thoug and this was his reply:
That is quite a good strategy I think! It's good to try and keep in touch and I've tried to do the same. We ended up going on holiday together once we'd done exams so we ended up pretty close by the time we all graduated. One or two of mine are abroad too and it is hard not to be jealous of those who are somewhere incredible! Thanks for the offer! I am in the process of messaging a few to see if they have anywhere to stay as they had instigated me coming through so I'll let you know how I get on. That sounds good- I reckon I'll be through Friday evening til late Sunday so I'm sure that could work! It is just a lot less hectic and don't need to make loads of effort socialising if you come home really tired. I lived with a boy I knew from church back home. He owned the flat and it's very nice knowing the landlord!
Is it just me or is he not that interested?


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  • Not necessarily that he's not interested. He maybe didn't get the hint that you are.

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