What do you think he did this, should I ask him to hangout?

This guy that I work with and I have been texting everyday for the past month (he always texts me first). We've hungout once and we both admitted that were attracted to each other and we even cuddled and kissed when I was at his house watching a movie. I found out from others at work before we began texting that he had a thing for me but was afraid to say anything. He texts me "good morning :)" or "Hey :)" everyday and calls me cutie and beautiful on and off. Yesterday I texted him first for once, and we texted on and off for the day until I went to bed. I was on twitter retweeting stuff this morning and I noticed that he was no longer following me.

He didn't text me today but I texted him "Hey :)" early and he responded like 30-40 minutes later and we chatted like normal until he went to work (I didn't mention him unfollowing me) I'm off from work all week so I won't see him in person until Sunday when I go back. Also we were supposed to hangout this past Sunday (he asked me to come over) but he had a rough day at work so I never brought it back up because I wasn't sure if he forgot or if he was too tired for company.

I really wanted to hangout this week sometime but I'm kind of shy to ask, should I? Could he think I don't want to hangout? Everything seemed fine when we were texting earlier, so I don't see why he would unfollow me on Twitter unless it was an accident?
I'm really starting to like him so I'm overthinking lol, Were both 20 in case you were wondering. No rude answers please :) Thank You


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  • You've kissed him and shit but you're "too shy to ask".

    I will never understand you people.

    • He kissed me and yeah I am... I feel more comfortable asking him in person than through a text and I won't be seeing him until Sunday..

    • Then wait til Sunday and ask in person.

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  • He may have been Just... Too tired for company.
    As far as The Twitter Raw deal, don't Overthink Anything until you Both talk about it. Face him down so whatever something special you have going, keeps Going and Flowing around that water cooler, on and off the job.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks for the answer :)

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    • It's so frustrating! Lol :) a girl would think if a guy talks to her on a daily basis and calls her cutie and such things that he could see a relationship happening possibly :P mixed signals are the worst lol

    • lol!! Worse things Is mixed signals because when you are this juicy apple at the top of the tree to get, they want you and when you show some attention, they forget you or grow cold feet... Just go slow and see where it may go. xx

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  • Give him some time ask you out because you don't know his real feelings toward you.

    • Thanks for the answer :), do you think I should mention him unfollowing me on Twitter or just let it go?

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    • Thanks for the advice :)

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