Should I send my friend in to investigate?

Lol I know the question is weird, but I like this girl and I'm in a tricky situation because she has shown some signs that she likes me, but I'm usually with one of my good friends when I'm around her and I might be misinterpreting some signs that are intended for him. There are a few things that she does only around me that indicate her intrest, but she always hangs around my friend and is much more playful with him. My friend told me that he doesn't want to date her and that he plans on staying single for now, but I don't know if she's just good friends with him or if she likes him. I'm thinking about asking him to investigate for me and ask her what she thinks about me since they are very close, but that could go horribly wrong or make things awkward. That appears to be the best option right now because I definitely have the balls to ask her out, but I'm not going to do it if she seems to like him, and I'm not willing to give up the fight just yet.

  • No! That is an awful idea!
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  • I don't really see anything wrong with it, but it's not the best idea
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by the way she just told me that her birthday is on next week so any suggestions about gifts or what to do (we don't know each other THAT well) will help.


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  • Dude! Perfect opportunity! Ask her if she's doing anything! If not, see if she wants to do something with you, or a group of friends, and then just try to get alone with her. Or just do something together, by yourselves. And, if she's already doing something, just see if you can come or something.

    • True. We also have our school homecoming next week. So many options with such little time.

    • Exactly! hahaha

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