Dating/physical attraction not there?

Just wondering if this happens to other people.
I went out on a first date with a girl, She is an amazing person, physically my friends all say she is very attractive.
Yet for some reason, when I look at her, I don't feel any huge romantic interest. This has never happpened before.
I admit she looks good, and I have dated less, it's just not clicking in my head atm... Any advice?


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  • I would look into dating someone else, you could keep trying out of politeness or to see if anything changes or try a few more dates to see if something changes

    I just wouldn't want you to get months into dating and she falls for you meanwhile you still don't feel it

    To be honest I've met a ton of guys who I think I good looking , they may have a lot going for them, very popular, good conversation but in the end I just wasn't into them as far as long term/relationship

    Sounds crazy but it happens
    Don't be sueded by what "your friends or others think is best for you" and listen to what your mind and heart are telling you if its not clicking, dont force it


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  • I'm guessing there is no chemical attraction there even though she looks good, something in your subconscious is picking up on something you don't like but can't pinpoint it

    • That could be spot on, never had that train off though regarding the situation

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  • Really that's all about the chemistry of you and her. Somehow your brain doesn't like her "smell" and therefore the spark has not occurred. What you can do is continue to talk to her and have more deeper and meaningful conversations if by the 4th or 5th date you still do not feel chemistry then tell her I'm afraid it will not work out.

    • That's the thing.. talking the chemistry is through the roof.. I just don't see it in her physically for some reason.. but great advice

  • If you're not attracted to her, stop wasting your time (and hers). You're not going to be attracted to everyone and that's fine and normal.

  • Move on to the next

    • Blunt, though great point

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    • I figured it out !! Her facial structure reminded me of someone ( subconsciously ) That I can't stand, hence my attraction was not quite there yet, I was even turned off to a degree...
      I figured out what the roadblock was, unfortunately too late :(
      Ohhh well, that's life

    • No, that's just a fool... next

  • No charisma and you're not attracted to her its not anyones fault and just happens

    • Definitely mentally there is a huge spark, charisma has nothing to do with it

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  • Cuteness is subjective. I have been the other way around in the past: I like a girl and my friends wonder what I see in her.