How do you kiss?


I have recently gotten into a new relationship with a guy. He is very kind and funny and sensible, which is why I agreed to be in a relationship with him. This Friday, we are going out to a haunted house together and I think he might try to kiss me. He always touches me and makes small gestures like playfully hitting me and holding my hand and putting his arm around me or brushing against me, but we haven't kissed. I, for one, have never kissed anyone before, so it would be my first kiss. I know this is a stupid question, but how in the world do you kiss?

I've seen movies and everything but I am just totally unsure. Do you turn your head? What do you do with your lips? Tongue? How do you breathe? I sound really naive right now, but this is a legitimate question. I just don't want to mess anything up. Please give me as much information as possible! Where do I put my hands? I don't want to be too rough or too passionate... This would be OUR first kiss as a couple and MY first kiss ever. Should it be just a quick peck on the lips or for a few seconds?


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  • Just practice