Is this wrong to your bestfriend?

So lately i've been talking to my bestfriends sister for awhile it's getting to the point we want to have sex with each other. I've known my bestfriend and his sister since 6th grade. Her and I are the same age and my bestfriend is a year younger and we've always had this urge since we were freshman. We're 21 now and its happening again where we're about to just do it. Is it wrong to do this without him knowing? And should we even go through with it?


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  • Wweeeelllll, that's a tough one. If it were me, I'd probably not be comfortable with my best friend having sex with my brother xD

    It's going to be very difficult to sustain both relationships at once, but if it's just a one time sex thing, that'd probably be okay... It's kind of bad not to tell him, but odds are he won't be okay with it if you do.