Guys, does he like me? Is it too late? What should I do?

There's this guy that I've had a crush on and he's actually called me pretty at least twice now. We got along really well, and sometimes he would wrap an arm around me or place a hand on my shoulder. But all the sudden, things got awkward and now whenever we are left alone, we don't know what to say; we barely speak to each other. Is it too late? What should I do to save this?


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  • Hey, I think if I were you id just let him know that you like him. He probably feels like nothings gonna happen (cos from what you've said he likes you too). A way you can do that is just ask him to go out on a date. Maybe just a movie and then drinks afterwards or something? Usually by the end the awkwardness should have gone. hope this helps. Good luck

    • Thank you! I'll try that and comment how it goes. :)

    • I actually haven't know him for very long, though; maybe a couple months. Would you still recommend telling him how I feel?

    • Well he's called you pretty, so he's attracted to you. And he's tried touching you, and its a psychological thing where people want to touch things they like. So I think its likely he does like you. And if he says he doesn't then just say you're more than happy to remain friends. I told a girl I liked her after 2 months and we're dating, almost in a relationship now and its been 4 months. So yeah id still recommend it

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