Is she not ready or does she not like me?

There is a girl I meet at work, I thought she was very attractive and asked for her number. We started texting and I found out she is really a lot like me just different hobbies. She knows I like her and she's told me that I'm cute and that she would date me, but she's not looking for a boyfriend for a long time. She's homeschooled all her life and doesn't seem to know much about relationships. During the day she takes a while to reply from 20 minutes to an hour or more, but at night she usually answers pretty fast. I think she's just busy during the day which is no big deal but she also opens up my snapchat sometimes and never answers until I send a second a few hours later. We're both 16


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  • Honestly bro it just sounds like she's not ready. If she says she would date you its very likely she is attracted to you or likes you as well. Some girls take days, some months, some years, but its your decision whether or not she's worth the wait for you. Just be open and honest about what you think. You get a lot further if you make that first move. Hope this helps. Good luck