How do I choose between two guys?

I liked guy 1 for a couple years and nothing really happened because one we were both nervous and scared and two because his parents didn't want him dating. Then I started talking to guy 2 and we got to know each other really well. I started to like guy 2 and started getting over guy 1. Guy 2 told me he had feelings for me but he told me to wait because he didn't know if he wanted a relationship. Guy 1 and guy 2 are good friends. While I was "waiting" for guy 2 to make a decision he talked to guy 1 about me. Guy 1 said that he would date me if he had the chance. Now that I know there is a chance with guy 1 (my dream guy) I don't know what to do. I've liked guy 1 for a long time so I feel like its time to move on. Please help. Should I go for guy 1 or guy 2?


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  • Eenie meenie miney moe works the best.


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  • Both guys don't have clues about women.
    Choose me , instead.

    • Guys who are sure of himself, will not say thing like ''im not sure if i wanted a relationship''
      he is coming from a place of weakness and don't know what to do. A man who knows how to court a girl, is just simply going out with her, let's have some fun and see how it goes.

      What the fuck has Guy1 do? Scared? said that he would date you if he ''had'' the chance. A guy who is asking for permission is also weak. Let's assume if guy 1 & 2 are best friends. If guy 1 really likes you, he should ask guy 2 whether it's okay to court you, if guy 2 doesn't allow same competition. guy 1 who's confident, will let go because friendship is always better than romance. Bros before hoes

  • Seriously? You're under 18, you should be studying, not being a player, which you apparently are


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