Is this a good conversation via OkCupid-conversation below-?

Guy-October Libra?
Girl-Yes, the 8th. Why?
Guy- I was born on the same month and just wondering.
Guy-What are you even doing on here anyways?
Girl-No expectations, just meeting new people. You?
Guy-I really don't know what i'm doing, all the girls that i've found pretty eventually leave because of the creepers
Girl- *tear drop* aww :(
Guy- hahaha yeah that's basically what happens.
Guy-Pinky promise you won't leave me
Girl- Only if you promise the same
Guy-I promise, i'll be stuck like glue.
Guy-What's your name?
Girl- A****, you?
Guy- a**** for trustworthy and great secret keeper, i'm R****
Girl- Yes, but once you "accidentally" run someone over... you're alone because i'll be the first one to snitch

... the conversation continues to talking about my background, my family, my education and then she gives me details about her. What do you think?


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  • Sounds good to me, but don't guilt her into staying interested in you again (taking about the other girls who leave). That's annoying and like I said, very guilting.

    • Guilt her? Please explain further

    • When you told her all the other girls you've talked to have eventually left, and then made her promise never to leave, that's pressuring her to also not leave even if she loses interest. Kinda like a guilt trip you see. You've barely started talking to each other and now you've already pressured her to stay or else she's going to hurt your feelings. She said that she doesn't have any expectations for okcupid, which tells me she may be one of the many girls who are just there for "window shopping" and aren't said m serious about actually meeting people.

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  • What? Its just the start or a conversation... not sure what you want to hear...


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  • if it keeps going and builds momentum then that's a plus

  • Lol the conversation is trash but the girl doesn't have much higher expectations or is bored so I guess u have a chance.

  • I think your already in the FriendZone

    • Why do you say that?

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    • hahahaha

    • Yes the conversation is boring and a bit desperate lol

  • WOW! On 6th line you both made promise to each other, even though it's not serious. WOW! :P

    • Is that bad?

    • Too mushy and strong in the beginning.