Guys, what do you find attractive or make you want to pursue a girl when she is flirting with you?


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  • If she smiles and actually talks back instead of just sitting there.

    • Would this imply you aproach her or her taking the initiative to approach you and have the confidence to engage in conversation?

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    • Several factors.
      1) Many men typically don't even look for confidence in a woman - instead seeking submissive traits. So that when/if a relationship forms, they can be "the man in the house" or someshit like that.
      2) They assume that you girls get male attention virtually all of the time, as opposed to most guys who get none at all. So a girl approaching a guy may seem as suspicious since, as the logic goes, if she has enough of it, why is she seeking you out in particular? Does she have ulterior motives?
      3) They have older views on this thing stemming from the previous two points. A rare few may even think that you're disrespecting their masculinity by being 'masculine' (you're not fyi) when you approach them.

      I dunno, I generally see most of that as bull. If a girl wants to approach, have at it and good luck.

    • Cool thanks!

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