After no contact, girl texted me. Has she figured what she wants and gained interest in me?

So this girl that sought me out in the beginning, that I have talked to for months and went on a few dates. Which she seem pretty interested in me. Well she kind of got very distant when she found out a grandparent may not make it through the winter. After finding that out she barely talked to me, nor wanted to meet up. Well after a week or so, we got talking about things. She told me she likes me a lot, but just want to be friends. Then I said something about dates and she said she hasn't had the time lately (this girl works a lot over 40 hours and long shifts like 12 and 14) and that I don't want to know what is going on in her head. (She doesn't like her job, stuff like that) So figuring she wants nothing to do with me, I said sorry for misinterpreting things. Which she responded with saying it is that or I have changed. I told to stay in touch, and that was about it.

So after a few weeks of no contact she starts liking stuff I posted on Facebook, which she never did before. Then a week after that I liked a post she made and later that night she messaged me hoping I was doing well. We talked for a bit, when it ended she told me to text her sometime. She texted me the next day asking how my day was, I told her I treated myself to a movie and a good meal. She that asked why I didn’t invite her, kind of flirty like. I responded saying I didn't think she wanted to hang out. She say you should have asked.

Well I definitely not getting my hopes up over this, that she still wants to go on dates. Which I am still interested in dating her. Just think she is being friendly. What are your people’s thoughts on it? Has she got that interest back before all of this happen?

I am not going to chase this girl either, she is going to start most of the talking and stuff like that.


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  • I don't see anything specific that she did that was wrong. She was going through a rough time and either didn't want to deal with anything romantic or she didn't want to drag you into her problems. When things got better, she started reaching out again. Am I misunderstanding something?

    Anyways, if you just act disinterested all the time she will assume that you are. You need to have a conversation with her if you want anything to work out. Have her talk to you about what happened and tell her that you will give her another chance but that she needs to work for it.