We've been on four dates, we have kissed, we share jokes but I'm not sure he likes me?

I've been seing this guy for four dates. We get along very well, we text everyday and have a lot of inerests in common. He usually initiates conversation, asks me about my day and is interested on my take on things I'm passionate about. He also recommends me books, music and we joke around a lot. However, he is not very expressive and he is very rational. He has told me I'm pretty and that he likes me. We haven't had sex but we have kissed passionately, he gave me little kisses in my face and in the forehead when we kissed... he also caressed my hair a lot while kissing me and when saying goobye he kissed me and then came back for another kiss. It was really sweet.

However, he knows i'm dating other guys and he is dating another girl. According to him, he hasn't kiss her, they've been on one date. Today they are going on their second. I like him but he said he doesn't want to rush into a relationship because he has done so in the past and people end up being hurt. I don't want to get hurt, so I keep my options open. Its weird because he is really affectionate and passionate when he kisses me but no disrepecful. Actually, when we were kissing things got a little heated and he interrupted me to help me with a paper I had to turn in for class.

What do you guys think? I'm going out tomorrow with him to eat ice cream and I don't know his thoughts... is weird. Because on one hand I'm sure he wants to get to know me or else he wouldn't text as much or ask me about things that are important to me. He also is interested in the things I like. Although, he could also be bored and just wants to talk to someone. On the other hand, he seems reluctant to a relationship and like I told you he is also keeping his options open with the other girl.


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  • He likes you enough to want to continue to get to know you

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