Guys, does knowing why a girl has gained weight help to see her in a new light or is she a write off in the hot scale just for the way she looks?

Ok so I used to be fit, i looked awesome. I have a bigger frame to begin with so being 5'11 and 175lbs really looked good on me. Some things then happened in my personal life that were beyond my control and I gained weight. I was an athlete but I injured my knee really bad and had to quit the sport I loved for 4 years. I could hardly walk so exercise was almost impossible. I finally had knee surgery two years ago but just when I was getting into the swing of getting my body back I got pregnant with my ex but lost the baby at 7.5 weeks. Two months after losing thr baby I got appendicitis and had to have emergency surgery. On top of all this I have a condition that requires I take medication that doesn't exactly help the body lose weight. It has been a year since my emergency surgery but thanks to depression and thr medication I am now 5'11 and 250lbs. My ex broke up with me a year and a half ago because I wasn't losing weight but now that I'm emotionally ready to date again I feel like Im not even considered because Im judged as fat and therefore lazy. Are there any guys out there who won't make that snap judgement about me? I am working hard on getting my ideal body back but I want a guy who likes me for me. Thoughts?


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  • Of course it affects how attractive she is, you being fat doesn't make me instantly think you are lazy, but it does make it hard for me to be attracted to you. Have you thought about dating someone your own size?

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