Does he like me? Can we be more than just hooking up after a year?

I've been bottling my feelings for so long now and I just can't take it anymore. Is it to late to tell him how i feel? I hate feeling like this and just want to know what he feels too

We been hooking up over the last year. We first hooked up and slept together after a night out. A month later he asked me out on a date and hung out again 2 days later. But at that point I was at school about 2 hours away so we would just hook up and sleep together whenever we saw eachother. I then moved back after I finished school and we continued hooking up. Until one night he made a rude comment and I refused to kiss him so he got mad and left. He thought I "rejected him". We didn't hook up for a while (3 months) until 2 months ago we hooked up again one night out. And two weeks ago he got pretty jealous when I was on the phone with another guy. Im really not okay with just hooking up with him because I have feelings and dont want to get hurt in the end so I want to say something to him.


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