Is she looking for more than friends?

Hey guys there's this girl in my class she already has a boyfriend , she and I got close a few month back so she used to always love teasing me like all the time lol while in class shove paper bits into my shirt , keep disturbing me for fun while we were sitting together , play with foot and so on. So last week we had a cultural festival as soon as she arrives and looks at up she goes like heyyyy! comes running towards me and gives me a hug infront of our classmates then after a while she looks around just to see if someone was looking after the hug.

Anyway the next time we all were invited to our common friends birthday party during which she once slapped by butt and laughed lol so in return I slapped her's also i even got butt pinched once before so after the party before leaving she comes close to me and gives me a firm hug which lasted longer than the first one to be honest I felt so connected with her , I was the only guy she hugged just shaking hands with others waved my bye and left.

Today evening I texted her and then wrote a nerdy line like hey do you like copper and terillium cuz your CuTe :P for which she laughed with lotta smilies and I go like watchout for more such riddles she then says Sure! I'm waiting for them :D she then goes on to these are riddles eh? :D for which i said for now lets call it riddles lol

What do you think about her?


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  • Yeah... boyfriend = she's just being a nice friend.

    • Oopsie :P But I really like her. Is she giving me signs by doing all this?

    • She has a boyfriend, if she is, she is NOT the kind of girl you want to date. If she'll flirt with YOU while she's with another man, even if you got together, you can bet your ass she'll flirt with some other guy.

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  • "... she already has a boyfriend..."

    2 options:

    - have sex with her, break up the relationship and put her in as a f-buddy. Already she's crossing the line with her boyfriend and this is a really un-attractive personality. Obviously what do you think she'll do if she's with you?

    - friendzone her: she's good networking, she may have friends you can met and expand your social circle.

    " I felt so connected with her "

    - it's easy to fall for a girl when you're un-experienced. I can tell because there's really nothing here but a girl stringing you along and enjoys the attention you give her while she messes with people. That's right... girls can be players too.

    " I was the only guy she hugged just shaking hands with others waved my bye and left."

    unless you cock is in her mouth.. this means nothing.

    I know i sound like a d1ck but i can't get the point across any other way. I have a low tolerance for women / men who are in a relationship but are too much of a pussy to work on the relationship but rather act out and eventually just sabotage it. She should just confront her dying relationship or have the humanity to end it with this boyfriend and move on. this chick sucks,.


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  • she is messing with you. She is the evil friendzoner...


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  • Everything points to her being romantically interested in you, BUT this 'boyfriend' of hers just doesn't fit in.

    If she indeed has a boyfriend, you'd better maintain your distance from her, until she decides to break up with him for you (IF she does that).

  • She might like you a bit more then a friend. However I would tread carefully. While it's cool she likes you and may want to even be with you, it's not a very good personality trait to be overly flirty when you are suppose to have a boyfriend.

    • I really like her :P I'm confused :/ how do I respond to this?

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