Girls, seriously what is It with you and military guys?

don't get me wrong I support the troops more than anything, I come from a military family and I want to try to enlist but I couldn't because of my handicap so why is it that women fall for military guys? just curious that's all


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  • I grew up in a military family... military has been in my family for generations. I am not just attracted to military guys however. I'm not attracted to the profession, but the guy. I have dated a few guys in the military before, because I fell for the guy. I've dated civilians as well.

    Honestly, I do think I would be a good partner for someone in the military. I understand the life, and know he may be gone on TDY sometimes. I'm fairly independent and am not clingy... I don't need to be with my guy 24/7.

    But in the end, his career choice is not a factor for me. As long as he is happy doing what he loves (which can be rare) or at least likes to get up and go to work, that is good with me. I just want him to be happy.

    • I know this woman who thinks military guys are better than the average guy.

    • Eh, that could just be her and her preference. Just like those guys that think super models are far superior to any other woman and will only try to date them.

    • It's not that simple

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  • The whole man in uniform thing. Plus every woman wants a strong man who can protect her. There are plenty of women who date non military men too...

    • Oh so if you aren't a military man you aren't a strong man?

    • I don't believe I said that. My point is it is a stereotype

  • They like men in uniform and men who are brave I guess

    • You can be brave and not be in the military, I've saved 2 lives before

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    • It's wrong that they do that?

    • No I never said that. I think it's wrong they write off thousands of amazing people just because they don't fit their standards.

  • I've dated two military guys, and they were good guys, but I'm not doing it again. I realized I can't be happy with the military lifestyle. Just doesn't work for me.

    • There are good guys who aren't the military

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    • I'm just saying there are good guys out there who aren't in the military but there are some women who think that guys in the military are better than average guys

    • Oh, well they're not better than average guys.

  • I dont know, just something about a man in uniform that gets our engines going lol :P

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