If you SO's ex showed up and wanted to fight you for him/her back?

Honor dictates that since s/he issued the challenge, *you*, get to pick the weapons... However, in the spirit of timeliness, you're confined to what's on hand... Do you use...

  • Frozen herring (makeshift club)
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  • Shoelaces (garrot-off!!)
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  • *Shoots him/her in the face* (I am an American, damnit!)
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  • What? No, I'm not fighting you... you can't fight for a person like... S/he gets to make up his/her own mind, and that's that... (Sissy!)
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  • *Points dramatically* Hey! Is that Elvis? *Picks SO up and runnoffs*
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  • Fenixx... why?
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  • I can see that you really care about him/her and I can be the bigger person about this *pushes dude/chick down a hill and runs off with SO*
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I chose the frozen herring. My pent-up aggression requires me to beat the hell out of someone/something in that instance. There's a reason for the word "ex". Ya don't go backwards in dating. Exes need to move the hell on. I already dealt with one psycho ex (and his gf) not leaving me alone. I have no patience for another one. Be prepared for a frozen herring flavored ass whipping! Where one is hit so hard, they can taste it. 🐟🚑🏥


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  • Well, there might be some people that would be happy to give their SO back.

  • Plot twist - I have already defeated the girlfriend in a duel so he's actually fighting for what's essentially a corpse.

    Double plot twist - he knows that. He's just a necrophile.

    Triple plot twist - he's dead himself and wants his zombie girlfriend back.

    Yes I have nothing better to do.

  • Well I've been fighting for 4 years in MMA and was CIF wrestler in high school. I'm not a hot head by any means... but I have to say it would feel pretty good to knock him out cold then calmly walk away like nothing happened.

    • *did* anything happen?

    • I'm speaking theoretically. But to add on that I wouldn't want me ex back. So I would win the fight have her approach me as the winner and walk away. Full fcking alpha mode.

  • Vote H:
    Five Knuckle Shuffle.

  • Somehow I get the feeling you will never have this issue so put down your Harry Potter wand and walk upstairs from your parents basement and go find a real girlfriend.

    • I have shamed my father, and my father's father... and my father's fathers father...

  • Picked D. I might be a sissy but I do whatever the fuck I want to do and I'm not fighting some dumbass for a woman's love. If she wants me she wants me if she wants you she wants you that's it not dueling over some dumbshit like that. In fact I'd beat his ass then dump her anyway for getting me into this dumb situation. With my bear hands. Yes BEAR hands. Then I'd write "I'm a sissy" on a sheet of paper, tape it to my chest, and ride off into the sunset in his car.

  • I would whip it out, and they'd instantly realize they could never compete and would slink away to oblivion.