He was seeing someone else, is it okay that I forgive him?

So the guy I've been seeing for a little over a year just told me there was a period where he was seeing another girl for about 2 months. I asked him why and he said he thought I was also seeing other people. I told him no and he apologised profusely. He then acted more touchy feely and extra nice to me for the rest of the night/morning.
I don't think he's gonna see anyone else anymore because he agreed that he shouldn't have and because he was so sorry.

I think this is a lack of communication and it will be hard for me to trust him completely for a while. I don't want to stop being with him.

We had never defined our "relationship" so I understand how he could see other people as we're not "together". We go on dates and I've met most of his family. I didn't tell him how I felt (that I actually like him) and didn't ask all the questions I wanted to about her& him. Can I bring it up again or is it assumes that I have forgiven him because we kissed and cuddled after?

Just want other people's opinion on this please.

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  • I had the same thing happen - he apologised profusely then after that resented me because he wasn't free to spread his seed so I ended up ditching him anyway. By the sounds of your question he is going to get another chance anyway but don't ever let him have a third or he will see you as a doormat.

    • Thanks! I won't let him, I don't think he will either. He asked if he can see me again and I said yes and he then replied good. He wants to keep seeing me and he knows finding out hurt me.

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    • 52 geeez!! That's fair enough though, can't expect him to keep being sorry would probably just want to move on.

      How long were you together after you found out?

    • We were together 6 months. It was his mothers friend. He told me this story about how she kept throwing herself at him, sending him nudes and how he was so uncomfortable. Then the next time I saw her it was so obvious he had slept with her. I broke it off immediately then as I said the apologies were insane. After I finally gave in he became a massive jerk so I ended it. Again. Now he thinks I am the bad guy. Smh.

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  • "a period where he..." implies it wasn't in the beginning.


    • It was roughly in the middle of seeing me. I understand why he thought j was seeing someone else. There was a guy pretty vocal about liking me- I think he took that as I also liked that guy (really really didn't)

    • What prompted him to confess?

    • No idea... He brought it up himself while we were cuddling. He did it by being like to me "um so I guess you're seeing other guys aren't you?" Then I asked him and he said it.

      My thoughts were is that he wanted to clear his conscious or to move our relationship forward a bit. I donno. I should have asked...

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