Girls and guys, do I have all the means to be mad?

So this the thing, me and this girl been talking for almost two weeks, we not going out yet but we do couple things like hold hands, kiss, and although it's such a short of amount of time we talk dirty to each other and pretty much are open talking about sexual things.

Now this is what's concerning me, we were texting each other about spanking her ass, and I said only I can do that and she said. "Nahh lol everyone can do that" soo of course that kind of bull will piss me tf off.. I'm like are you seriously telling me that? And she said yea. I was heated up already but then she said she was just playing? Wtf what kind of sick joke is that? I was mad as hell and told her you don't joke like that, that it wasn't funny and that she literally ruined my lunch (I was eating and felt like not eating anymore after that) eventually we were going back and forth and she said I can't take a joke and that I can't handle her? Wtf I can be the most patient guy but there are things you just don't joke about.

She said that that's why she doesn't like relationships and I told her " why cuz you can't respect people's boundaries and they have to accept yours?" (She told me once she jokes around and that I had to get used to it) she got mad and said really? You know what forget it" and stopped replying. Who's the one that should be really upset?

Side note, two days ago.. I was telling her how people always leave me.. And that I was tired of people doing that.. She replied with lots of dots.. And then I asked what. She said " I think we shouldn't be taking anymore" that shit hurt me.. And then she said she was just kidding" again I was pissed and told her that after I let her know about my insecurities she gonna joke like that... She was saying sorry and all that stuff and that she wasn't Gonna leave me.. I let it slip.. But she comes up with this shit today and I already let her know this the second time she does it and that I don't put up with bull like this. We both in high school and I'm pretty sure y'all might say she is immature and tbh I'll agree with y'all.

by the way I haven't heard an apology from her this time


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  • She's hinting to you that this isn't serious for her but apologises when you get upset. I think you should just move on she sounds like a slut

    • If she was to come and apologize for how she behaved (like she did last time) should I believe it?

    • Yes you could. Maybe you should just see how it goes but when she says something you don't like in future don't reply or if you must then say I don't like what you said or that's inappropriate. Then leave the conversation for a while.

  • Sounds like she doesn't want a relationship or any sort of commitment and just wants to fool around. You deserve better than what (or what little) she's giving you.

    • You did pointed out we were discussing before the argument.. We were discussing why weren't we official. And she says she really like as me (I could see it through her actions towards me and how she would look after me) but that she is getting used to how I treat her cuz she never had a guy treat her like I do (a guy that actually treats her with respect, looks after her, shows her affection and all that)
      Tomorrow I have a class with her, what do you suggest I should do if she talks to me? (She sits next to me)

    • Well regardless she doesn't seem like she wants a relationship, she just wants to mess around without too many emotions involved (hence her answer when you were talking to her about people leaving you).

      I wouldn't go out of your way. She should be the one to initiate since she was the one who made you mad. She needs to own up to it and apologize.

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