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Hey their. This girl I was seeing off and on in high school doesn't respond to my message anymore. I don't blame her I was kind of a jerk. I always got nervous around her. Anyways I ended up seeing her during prom we hooked up we were both really drunk anyways I haven't seen her since then. I talked to her a few times after prom she mentioned her stomach hurt u didn't think much off it but we did have unprotected sex. I don't know if I got her pregnant anyways shortly after we got back she stopped answering messaging me back. So after awhile I deleted her of fb and deactivated my account. It's been like 5 years now and I sent her a message on Instagram and she has sent replied back to me. I sent her this message how's life treating you. I just want to talk to her but I guess she doesn't want to. It's been 5 years but I still have a thing for her Kind of. Help please should I just forget about her. Can you girls help me out thanks


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  • Obviously she was in pain after sex and doesn't want to talk about it. What happened and if you thought she might be pregnant wouldn't someone know?

    • I don't know how she would Benin pain but anyways why doesn't she respond back to me anymore that's whagbj want to know. And why would she tell anyone that embarrassing

    • But people would find out class mates etc. or do I just live in such a small town that you can't sneeze and everyone knows. If she's not responding and hasn't for so long then I think it's best you just move on

    • I don't think she would tell people it's kind of embarrassing especially cuz we weren't going out and all but I don't know I just wanted to talk to her but she's not replying I'm Gona message her again in a few days

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