Was he interested in me?

So I was working a temp job and I noticed there were a few cute Caucasian males there. One of the guys caught my eye. So I would look at him whenever he walked passed. We worked in different departments and really never had the chance to speak.

i noticed over the weeks that he would let me see him looking at me. He started being in the same area I was a lot more. He would speak loudly or play with guy colleagues to get my attention.

One day he was fixing a machine and when I looked over at him. He was looking right At me. He would snap his fingers to get my attention as he walked by. He would talk loudly next to me about his plans for the weekend. Things like that. But he never talked to me. Because I am guessing there was really never a good time while I was working to introduce himself? Because it was a factory job and I was pretty busy. I guess could be a reason... Any who

I left the job no choice of my own. And he was off that day. The place had pics of employees with their names. So I got his name and looked him up on fb.

i send a fb request and it stayed their for a day and a half and then he told fb that he didn't know me which is true. At first when I request him I had a pic of me up and then later that day I changed it to a pic of a tiger. But he could have looked at my pics and seen it was me. Secondly if interest would that be a good why to get to know me. Once he realized I didn't work their anymore?

So my question is does it seem like he was interested in me? And if so why not add me on Facebook?

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  • I think he is

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