Should I make a move on this girl? How?

I've crushed on her for a long time while also being her friend. I've kinda given up hope and that I probably just a guy friend but everytime I see her I say "god damn" in my mind cause she just fits what I want in a girl. Im trying hard to not like her but its so difficult.

I mean today her female friend was gone in math class and it was pretty much a free work period so of course she moved to sit next to me. We were chatting and she was talking about regular girl things and I was toying with her. We were teasing/ poking each other playing around with handshakes you'd think something was going on (which people do). She was wearing an incredibly cute short dress with boots which at one point she forgot to cross her legs and I god a pretty good look (this just killed ughh), dunno if she noticed. My guy friend asked me to move to the table and I got up and she looked at me with puppy eyes "are you leaving me?" and she ended up coming with me.

Afterschool she has to wait for an hour before her practice and runs into and asks me if I was doing anything, I said I was going to the library with friends which pretty much screwed my oppurtunity to go on a little walk alone with her. I ended up calling her if she was still wandering but she already found some girls to hang out with and she would just stay there. She called me since the library was near strabucks if I would buy her a drink and bring it to her if she payed for mine aswell. This was kinda "good guy" task people so for so i said no lol.

I just dont think she's matured enough to be want a relationship but she doesn't notice what she's doing. She's kinda innocent and cute and I like her for that cause thats what im truly inside tbh but I cover it up cause Im a guy lol. Any advice? I feel like this is a movie cliche thing. So many mixed signals and subtle notions ughhhh


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  • Ask her out. See what happens.


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