My brother broke off contact?

Because im 23 and still live at home... he has an issue with our mother and sister and sincerly believes that she has ruined his life, he keeps blaming his ''parent'' for not being trophee parents and ruining his life. My younger sis moved out at 18 and she has been following his footsteps ever since, my mom is depressed, but my older sister who still lives at 28 is also depressed. They are putting pressure on me to move out and i still do not have my life together , im a student and work part time but my life is tough at the moment for past previous mistakes. They keep shutting me out of family activities and ignoring me. Im sick and tired of dealing with it, i will not blame someone else for my life and they keep doing that, if we only had better parents, if we only had a father, if we only had a mother who was more active blablabla, what should i do?


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  • he has no right to do that