Should I send a girl I am not dating flowers?

So I really like this girl at work , we have gone out a few times to eat. and to a concert she invited me to. and even to her house a couple of times to hang out and honestly I thought it all went fairly well. We also regularly " work late" and hang out and talk after every one leaves the offfice

Anyways I am extreamley shy and I am really not sure how to escalate our relationship into one of a romantic nature. I happen to be out of the office this week on business and I thought it would be nice for me to send her flowers, she often buys flowers for the office so I have a good idea of what she likes.

thoughts? opinions? is this a bad idea?

so I sent the flowers, I didn't get any sort of reaction from her that kinda sucks... : big sigh:


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  • I like it! Every girl loves flowers! Go for it!


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  • I think you should hand flowers to her yourself and just say you past a florist and thought of her
    And appreciate her and all the things she does and go in for a hug lol

    • Oh and just get her a small bouquet
      Big ones are overwhelming for girls 😁

    • yeah its unfortunate that I am too shy for that :sigh:

    • Just do it!!!
      I am shy af
      But occasionally I leave my mind at home and let my heart take over

      You aren't shy! Your mind is!
      Who wouldn't be nervous to give a girl flowers?

      I think sending them isn't cool, but giving them in person is so much more meaningful

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  • I mean, this coworker of mine gave me roses... red ones at that, and he was in an open relationship. ANd then he gave me wildflowers. BAsically, he was saying he was interested but he was leaving it up to me to make the next me..(i think?)

    • so is this a yes or a no or bad idea? what exactly are you saying

    • Sorry. It was late. My brain kind of drifted. I would give her flowers. It won't seem to pushy, but will definitely make her think about you. If she puts them on the desk where everyone can see them, even better indicator of how she might feel.

    • she did put them on her desk, though she didn't say anything about them

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  • Absolutely not.


    Didn't you see the episode of Gotham where the Riddler buys Ms. Kringle flowers?

    What you need to do is steal a kiss from her when you're working late. And obviously you can't do that yet. You need to get comfortable touching her. Next time she passes a paper to you casually touch her hand.

  • Thats a good ideal and you should do it. Guy rarely send flowers to a woman job so she will be happy to get flowers. I think that will set the tone for y'all relationship.

  • NO WAY! I did that once and the cops came and visited my place of work (many years ago). Women love flowers from a love/romantic interest, but not from a guy with a secret crush.

    If someone lost a relative and you send them for that cause, that's ok.