How do I get him to notice me?

Hey hey! So! I'm a junior in high school and I recently joined the drill team. Through this, I grew a liking for a senior in band. He's literally the coolest person I've met. He raises thousands of dollars for cancer every year and is just all around a great guy. He and I vaguely knew each other previously, but not quite. Now we talk a little and I just recently got his number. We've been texting a bit but the convos aren't really going anywhere. I'd like to hang out with him outside of school, but I dont know how to make that happen! I'm sure I'm leaving a ton out, but please help!! Thanks <3


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  • If you guys are conversing, you already made a move. Texting is not nearly as intimate. You must talk directly to him in person. You will be shy, like I am when I do it. Just grow a pair and do it.
    - Sophomore