Where should I bring this girl on a date?

I met this girl online and I we decided we were going on a date in a few days. I thought I would bring her to the restaurant so we could chat and everything but I don't know really what kind of place to go to, she just turned 18 and I just turned 20. I want to get to know her so if a restaurant is a good choice, what kind? Also if not, where else could I take her? I want this date to be good, I feel her!


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  • If you are really into her. You should google a nice romantic restaurant to go to. That way it would be quiet and not loud so y'all two can talk to get to know each other and if things are smooth after eating then, you can go to the river to walk to talk more. If there is not a river walk, then try downtown because it have a scenery for people to walk and see.


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