Is it bad to tell a guy I'm texting him because I'm bored?

So I just text a guy "I'm bored. Thought I'd say hello. ;)" if he responds I'm thinking of making the conversation interesting by saying, "woah! Now everyone's hitting me up at once! So much love!" Is that cruel? I just don't want to be one of those needy girls. Oh and yes I do like this guy. I just suck at texting.


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  • That's not so much cruel as misleading and unkind. You'd be surprised how many girls do the "I'm bored" thing. Problem is, it's both unattractive to say that, and kind of an insult. The automatic response is, "So you only contact me when you're bored? Like as a last resort?" It would make you look more airheaded and superficial than needy, per se, and I doubt that's the impression you're wanting to send.

    It's not a bad thing to suck at texting. So how about not texting? Why not, you know, call the guy on the phone? Have the kind of conversation he's unlikely to get from many other people? (Lots of people text their little brains out, but calling on the phone is definitely something a lot of girls won't do. :) )

    Good luck with whatever you choose.

    • I said that because I get the feeling he texts me when he's bored.

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    • You're so right. Wow I just realized I'm holding on to what was and will never be. Thank you.

    • You'll find that right guy. And you clearly deserve the best. So I wish you the best. :)

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  • 1 yea everyonce is a while it is ok to say that but if you do it on a regular basis he won't like it. 2 try to say something elts like I have some free time between classes so I though I would say hi, or something more classy than I'm bored. 3 odds are you can only use that once. After that he will think that your lying about the others. 4 If you like him try to flirt a bit while you chat.

    • I feel like he texts me when he's bored. So I was giving him a taste of his own medicine.

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