I am rarely attracted to girls? Whats up with me?

im straight but it is hard for me to like a girl. I only like 1 in every 1000 girls I meet. So throughout my life, i had a crush on 2 girls only. Thats it. . Is everybody like that? Or am i too picky?


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  • You just have really high standards, nothing wrong with that unless that standard is really unrealistic then maybe it would be time to reevaluate what is really important in a potential partner. I'm fussy too, sometimes I have lowered my standard because their personality was great enough to make me fall for them.


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  • I'm the exact same way. I rarely see anyone who I'm truly attracted to.

    • But why is that?

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    • assuming I found the perfect girl I would like to be with them forever. If they wanted to leave, then I would just let them leave since there's no point forcing someone to stay with you.

    • No what if she loves you. She loves you so much that u can't breathe anymore. What would you do?

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  • You're not a horny desperate perv like most guys good for you.


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